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Your first look at ITPS 11.5: Ready for DevOps

philnguyen ‎06-05-2012 12:25 PM - edited ‎06-26-2015 09:41 AM


Today at Discover Las Vegas, HP Software unveiled IT Performance Suite 11.5, an important step toward the successful adoption of DevOps and continuous delivery.


Specifically, HP launched updates for these products, all available June 30:

  • ALM 11.5
  • Performance Center 11.5
  • LoadRunner 11.5
  • Sprinter 11.5


Here is a rundown of what this new release will mean for IT practitioners.



It’s no secret that for most organizations, the release process for applications is too long. With cloud, mobile delivery and service-based composite applications, the application development process is getting more complex. In most organizations, a change to just a single line of code often takes more than a day, and in some cases a week or more, to make its way into production.


Common bottlenecks that occur prior to implementation are in system testing and operations. So at the same time as agile processes improve the velocity of development, tensions begin to rise in that team’s working relationship with operations. Sound familiar?


DevOps and continuous delivery extends agile methods in order to close the gaps between development, testing and operations. ITPS 11.5 has been developed to enable DevOps and continuous delivery, and help application teams ensure that speed does not trump quality.


Let’s take a look at the specific updates to ITPS in three key categories:

  • Lab Management Automation
  • Collaboration
  • Quality


1. Lab Management Automation

This is a new feature supported in both ALM 11.5 and PC 11.5 that will allow you to manage your own lab, including provisioning physical or virtual hardware and using various cloud vendors as required.


Managing and scheduling features let you pool resources and schedule timeslots for test and resources:

  • Define hosts (QTP, ST, Controller, etc)
  • Assign hosts to pools
  • Assign pools to projects
  • Specify “demands” for projects and tests
  • Schedule & manage timeslots
  • Confirm availability while scheduling


HP support for automated lab deployment integrates with Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA) using a model-driven approach. This allows you to create separate app building blocks for different environments with unique configurations of app builds, platform software (Java, WebShere, MySQL, Oracle, TomCat) and infrastructure (Proliant/Blade, VMs, CPUs). You can put them together as needed (App + Platform SW + Infrastructure), and then add on the application build. This will let you provision the infrastructure as needed and deploy the application in an automated, error-proof manner.


Also, you will be able to combine lab deployment and test execution with build readiness:

  • Create “Build Verification Tests” (BVT) consisting of functional & performance tests
  • Schedule BVT and choose deployment / de-provisioning methods
  • Run test on build completion
  • Dynamic lab setup / tear-down
  • Generate BVT reports


With tools that let you manage your own lab more simply, you’ll be able to streamline the testing process and better integrate development with operations.


2. Collaboration

A big part of adopting DevOps is to change how test and production think. Those in testing need to start asking themselves, “How can Ops help me test the right things?” while members of the Ops team need to start thinking, “How can Testing help me maintain app quality?”


PC 11.5 will enable teams to collaborate more effectively in a number of ways through the continuous delivery of application performance. In order to make performance testing more realistic, accurate and reliable, you will be able to use scenarios based on production usage, test results compared with production, and data sharing that improves results with each testing cycle.


PC 11.5 leverages production data such as:

  • Usage information from BSM, RUM, WebTrends, server logs, etc.
  • Scripts from synthetic Business Process Monitoring (BPM) and live sessions (RUM)
  • Monitoring information from SiteScope profiles

Production data such as peak-hour usage information can be extracted using HP BSM and WebTrends, and there is an easy API for other formats like IIS logs. You will be able to then import a complete package of production data into Performance Center.


After this step, you can design and refine the load test, and set scaling factors for different environments, different durations, plan for higher loads and specific production data requirements. Then you can evaluate test results versus production data, which makes performance test results more reliable.


The process flow guides users through the entire process:


The goal here is to drive continuous application performance, so delivery teams can become more efficient when testing, more accurate with results and more confident with recommendations.


3. Quality

Of course, the larger goal is better quality for your applications, and the 11.5 releases of LoadRunner and Sprinter provide several enhancements to improve how you perform testing.



This modernization of our load testing solution improves ease-of-use and introduces support for high demand environments such as HTML 5 and IE 9. Some beta testers of LR 11.5 have seen a reduction in scripting time by more than 75% and a 50% improvement in resource productivity. Here are some specifics:


The new VUGen — a more modern and intuitive look-and-feel with the new Virtual User Generator (or VUGen), an interface redesigned with IDE and Design Studio. VUGen includes a context-sensitive editor, true C language debugger, Step Navigator for a single-view of script and a Solution Explorer for faster comparison, plus integration into the HP online community so you can easily access forums, blogs and social media.


Mobile Protocols — Understand the impact of mobile on entire system and test in both good and bad network connections using HP Mobile TruClient or HP Mobile Application Protocol or Shunra to emulate true network conditions


Ajax TruClient for Internet Explorer (IE 9) — Especially relevant with agile development, this way of scripting modern applications requires less expertise with no correlations or programming, and permits more re-use of scripts, while supporting all AJAX-based applications.


TruClient for Firefox — Now enhanced with:

  • Async for Auto End Event and Global Event Handlers
  • Function Reuse and Sharing for creating functions and libraries, and call functions for every script
  • Function Editing to select library and function and set function arguments 

LoadRunner also now supports NET4, recording 64-bit applications and IPv6.



There are a couple of advances in the 11.5 release that will help accelerate the manual test cycle and simplify the tester’s experience with test authoring support and scanners for error prone activities. One is that you can save tests to ALM, QC or as a business component in BPT. Component-based testing improves reusability and eliminates redundant test maintenance by enabling you to quickly compose tests with existing components.


Automatically capturing individual steps to save as a test is particularly useful while exploratory testing if you discover a bug and want to run the test again later to verify the fix.


The new release introduces the ability to remember the steps you took, recording steps, videos, and images captured for defect documentation, which can be submitted through ALM or saved for later.


Finally, Sprinter’s defect scanners check for spelling, broken links, localization, and web standards (W3) compliance.


Find out more

So there you have it, a quick rundown of some of the top feature upgrades that come with ITPS 11.5!


If you’re interested in getting more information, be sure to check out:

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