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6 brocade San switch ISL Link

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6 brocade San switch ISL Link

hi ,

we are in a migration project.There are 2 old " Hp 4/16 San sw" with OS at the moment with basic licenses.

The customer has bought new 4 san switchs which are "8Gb Brocade san switch for HpBlade system" with OS 7.1.0b


there are some questions in my mind as follows


1-can we connect the old san switch with new switches with HPs trial licenses ? (



2-Can the old san switch make 2 ISL connections ,according to my knowledge one ISL connection can be made without a license requirement ,but more than 1 ISL connection requires some sort of license.Any documentation for this sort of information will be very good for me.


3-Can someone lead me to the documentation for the ISL connections compability guide for brocade Firmwares ,





Note:the   connections at the moment,and after the migration are as attached.




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Re: 6 brocade San switch ISL Link




1) Which licenses do you have on the 4/16 switches? You'll need the fabric license.


2) You can have two ISLs without making a trunk, as long as they are in two different port groups. I haven't checked but for example if you ISL with port 1 and 9 they should be in two different port groups and thus shouldn't try to form a trunk.


3) the HP 4/16 are called 200E by Brocade. If you read the release notes for the 7.1.0b firmware, you'll see that the 200E is supported with 6.2.2 firmware. 

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Re: 6 brocade San switch ISL Link

hi ,and thanks a lot for your answer ,


there are some parts that i couldnot really understand from your answers ,here they are .If you have time to answer back to me ,it would be great.


1-you mentioned that we do have to have a "fabric license " ,i do have the supportshow output from CLI ,and when i look at the "licenseshow" output ,i see as it below


/fabos/cliexec/licenseshow        :
    Unknown1 license
    Unknown2 license


so according to me ,i do not have the fabric license that you had mentioned.But since this is a migration ,i suppose that we can use the trial licenses during the  migration project


2-can you please explain what you try to say in this lines,i could not really figure it out clearly.Maybe i wast very clear in asking the question.My question was, can we have 2 ISL links  from one switch to 2 different switches ,without the need for the extra licenses or in help with temporary licenses .


3-thanks for this ,i finally got the needed document and read the lines.



anyway thanks for all.




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Re: 6 brocade San switch ISL Link



1.) I haven't used these temporary licenses, but from the link you posted it says only from Fabric OS 6.3.0 and larger. Your older switches do not support this Fabric OS version. Perhaps Brocade/HP can provide you other temporary licenses for this upgrade?


2.) Ah, yes. That is fine. You do not need trunking license for that. To connect like this you do not need trunking:



You do however need the fabric license. Has some more details. 

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Re: 6 brocade San switch ISL Link

Hi Johan ,


Thanks a lot for all of your efforts  and answers.


Have a nice day .