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EVA Simulator

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EVA Simulator


Was running the EVA Simulator on my Windows XP laptop successfully unitl I installed SP2.

Anyone out there know the fix?
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Re: EVA Simulator

Try turning off or opening a port in the windows firewall (not while connected to the internet !) and see if that makes a difference. I have the EVA sim under xp & sp2 & it worked last time I tried.
Sorry I can't be more helpful
Hope that helps - please click "Thumbs up" for Kudos if it does
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Re: EVA Simulator

Hi Guys,

Where can I get this EVA Simulator?

thnx in advance

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Re: EVA Simulator

This simulation tool would be great to have. :-)

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Re: EVA Simulator

Hi qvalor

I me pleases, if you could send me the EVA Simulator.
Or do you have a link to the download?

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Re: EVA Simulator

The simulator was handed out at the HP storageworks conf back in September. It's about 80 MB. I don't have a way of sending it nor do I have a site to upload the simulator.

I'm sure if one asks their local HP Storage rep they can get.

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Re: EVA Simulator

Try HP Web based Training

Login with your HP Student ID
search for

Storage - Command View EVA Simulation (Download)


Re: EVA Simulator

If anyone needs the EVA simulator, it can be found at:

It's a german language site but the zip file can be downloaded from here. Hope this helps


ps: it's 33MB in size
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Re: EVA Simulator

I do not have HP Student ID, How can I get this soft?
HP is simple
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Re: EVA Simulator

The page is not alive and link doesn't work. Can any help us to get this Tool? I´m interested too.

Cheers and thanks in advance