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Move CV to another server (VMware)


Move CV to another server (VMware)



I need to move Commando View to a new server, but I didn't succeed. During installation I got an error with "PA server could not start", after installation I logged in to CV but nothing was there and I didn't got any "do you want to manage this Storage". Do you have any suggestions? What's best practise from HP for move CV to a new server?


I have CV 10.2 and EVA6300



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Re: Move CV to another server (VMware)

So the installation went without problems and you were able to logon. Is the new server zoned to the array?

Hope this helps!

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Re: Move CV to another server (VMware)

No after several hours the installation fails and I got the message "PA server could not start".


The server should be zoned yes. I was able to add Vdisk to the ESX host so the zone should be OK. I have add a SCSI adapter to guest OS and I did choose Raid-HP as mentioned in the installation guide.



Re: Move CV to another server (VMware)

hi again!


now I finally got the installation through but CV is now show a warning about license but I have my licenses installed. I guess I now got a 60-day "full license". it there a way to remove or ignore that?