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Can HP SE 9.6.0 support SNMP?


Can HP SE 9.6.0 support SNMP?

I use HP SE to supervise storage array,and find it can't receive SNMP traps from storage array. i installed wireshark on the host(which install HP SE) and can see the storage have send traps to the host, but the HP SE did not receive it .

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Re: Can HP SE 9.6.0 support SNMP?



You don't say which storage array you are using. The SE 9.6.1 User Guide says:


HP Storage Essentials accepts SNMP traps from the following discovered devices:

Cisco switches (discovered through SNMP)

EMC Centera Storage Systems

ESX Servers

NetApp NAS Devices


Receiving SNMP traps from EVA's is also mentioned.






Re: Can HP SE 9.6.0 support SNMP?

hi David,


      Thanks for your reply.


The storage array we use is HUAWEI OceanStor 18000.

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Re: Can HP SE 9.6.0 support SNMP?

SE is not a generic SNMP collector.


You might be remebering when the product had HP SIM "underneath" it and SIM could do some RAW SNMP collection and forwarding.


As stated by a previous poster there are only a limited number of devices that support SNMP event subscription. Most events are either by SMI-S or Vendor specific API subscription.


There is no support currently for any HUAWEI products.