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Cisco Switch Discovery in SOM 10.20

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Cisco Switch Discovery in SOM 10.20

Hi ,

Cisco Switch discovery has become nightmare for me.

I have arround 150 cisco switches to be discovered in SOM , I have Upgraded to 10.20 recently. I had run discovery of switces multiple time (8-9 minimum) but no switch turns up. All are getting failed stating " discovery didn't finish in 60 min".

Somehow running one by one each switch for arround 8-9 times some of them got discovered.

Is there any best practise to discover Cisco switches. How discovery happens if I select in bulk and start discovery ?

How to increase default time out value of 60 min ? Is there a option to auto re-run discovery for failed devices after a certain time. 


HPE Expert

Re: Cisco Switch Discovery in SOM 10.20

Hello Tejendra,

By default, Cisco switches are discovered using SNMPv2.  If SNMPv3 is used, then changes need to be made within the file.  I'm mentioning that in general since I know that you are not encountering that issue.  Here is a listing of all of the current Cisco switch settings that can be configured within the file.  These are listed within the file.

######### Properties related to discovery of CISCO Switches

# Exclude specific Cisco systems from discovery using SNMP. This value is a
# comma-separated list of switch WWNs (not case sensitive).  For example:

######### SNMP ping properties used during discovery

# Time-out in milliseconds
#Number of retries

Again, I mention this information so that you are aware of the options that are available specifically for Cisco switches.

Without looking at the log files (Ex. som.log and som-trace.log), it would be difficult to tell exactly which timeout is being encountered.

I hope that this information that I have provided is helpful.



Mark Butler
HPE SW Support Engineer

Re: Cisco Switch Discovery in SOM 10.20

Thanks Mark for responding ,

I went through and found many custom configuration options.

However the discovery logs on cisco mentions "wbemcollector.discoverytimeout property" to configure for increasing timeout.

Do you know where can I find this setting. Also default values are not mentioned for each property in sample file.

WARNING The threads performing discovery have not finished within 60 minutes. By this time the CMS has given up on it ever finishing. The WBEM collector is going to stop waiting in order to free this thread up. You can adjust this timeout by changing wbemcollector.discoverytimeout property. The value is in minutes and the default value is 60 minutes

HPE Expert

Re: Cisco Switch Discovery in SOM 10.20

Hello Tejendra,

Unfortunately, not all of the variables/parameters are listed within the file within SOM.  This is a good example.

I can see from the message that "wbemcollector.discoverytimeout' is the property.  This property is not documented within any of the documentation.  Based on the description, I can see that adding this to the would address this immediate issue.

However, in looking at this message within our internal knowledge base, I can see that another customer with SOM 10.10 was encountering this error that was related to something else.  They applied a special binary from engineering and the problem went away.

I was informed that you have opened a support case.  The engineer will work with you to work on this issue and help address it for you.

I'll put in another request that all of the 'Custom Properties' values be included within the sample file.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Mark Butler

Mark Butler
HPE SW Support Engineer

Re: Cisco Switch Discovery in SOM 10.20

Here is the alternate way to change discovery timeout value.

Please add the below property in ovjboss.jvmargs file located in (C:\ProgramData\HP\HP BTO Software\shared\nnm\conf\props)


# value is in Minute#

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event