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HBA details

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HBA details

Hi... I am running SE 9.7. I have discovered two windows 2008 hosts. Each of the host shows 2 HBAs instead of 1. The user guide states "Under normal conditions for any Red Hat Linux host containing HBAs with a dual port adapter, each port would display as an individual adapter on the HBA adapter page with each adapter mapped with its port on the HBA port page".  but there is no mention of such a case in  windows. Is this a regular thing?

Have attached a snap for reference

HPE Expert

Re: HBA details

Hello Pradeep,


In looking at my lab setup, I can see that for me it does show two HBAs on my Windows systems even though I know that there is only one HBA installed on the server.  They are dual-port Emulex cards.


One difference that I see is that my two entries have the same 'Serial Number'.  Within your screenshot, it shows a different serial number for each port.  I don't know if this is a problem or not.


But to answer your question, it does show two adapter entries even though there is only one HBA.  Attached is my example as shown on a Windows 2008 R2 server with an Emulex card.


I hope that this helps answer your question.




Mark Butler

Mark Butler
HPE SW Support Engineer
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Re: HBA details

Thanks for the response Mark.

  1. I have 2 windows nodes in my dev environement. Each of them has one HBA. One node's HBA details show 2 different serial nos. while for another node it shows same serial no.
  2. Also as I mentioned in my post earlier, this behaviour is normal as per the user guide (for some  linux hosts) however there is no reference of this behaviour on windows node.

Anyone else seeing similar behaviour? Let us know.


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