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(SOM) Support Tip: Complete list of required RPMs for installing SOM Reporter (OBR 10.00)

HPE Expert

(SOM) Support Tip: Complete list of required RPMs for installing SOM Reporter (OBR 10.00)

Hello Storage Operations Manager (SOM) Users,

As you know, with the release of SOM 10.10, we are now using Operations Bridge Reporter (OBR) 10.00 as the SOM Reporter.  OBR is a rebranded name for Service Health Reporter (SHR).

The OBR 10.00 Installation guide provided with the product has an incomplete list of rpm prerequisites for installation on RHEL.

Here is the complete list of Prerequisite RPMs for installation on RHEL:

  • compat-libstdc++-33.i686
  • compat-libstdc++-33.x86_64
  • libXext.i686
  • libXext.x86_64
  • libXext-devel.i686
  • libXext-devel.x86_64
  • ncurses-libs.i686
  • ncurses-libs.x86_64
  • glibc.x86_64
  • glibc.i686
  • libstdc++.x86_64
  • libstdc++.i686
  • openssh.x86_64
  • mcelog.x86_64
  • sysstat.x86_64
  • gdb.x86_64
  • unixODBC.x86_64
  • unixODBC.i686
  • unixODBC-devel.x86_64
  • unixODBC-devel.i686
  • nss.x86_64
  • nss.i686
  • nspr.i686
  • nspr.x86_64
  • libpng.x86_64
  • libpng.i686
  • ncurses.x86_64
  • tcsh.x86_64
  • libaio.i686
  • libaio.x86_64
  • libXi.x86_64
  • libXi.i686
  • libXtst.i686
  • libXtst.x86_64
  • libXp.i686
  • libXp.x86_64
  • openmotif.i686
  • openmotif.x86_64
  • acl.x86_64
  • glibc-common.x86_64
  • libXcursor.i686
  • libXfixes.i686

The last two RPMs (in bold) are not included within the original version of the OBR 10.00 Installation Guide for Linux installation.

Good Luck with your efforts!  Another Support Tip post will be made next week.


Mark Butler

Mark Butler
HPE SW Support Engineer
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