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SYS account password for SE 9.5.1

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SYS account password for SE 9.5.1



Can you please help me  regarding the passoword of SYS  account for Emebedded Oracle instance OF Storage  Essentials 9.5.1.


I have alreasy tried : change_on_install.


But that is not working ...


Re: SYS account password for SE 9.5.1


You have the correct default password for this account.  It appears that it was changed by someone in the past.


The Storage Essentials User Guide has the information on how to proceed.

What you need to do is run the "dbadmin" utility to change the password.

Here I have copied from the User Guide the steps to take:


To change the password of a system account:

1.  Stop the AppStorManager service.




i.  Go to the

Administrative Tools > Services window.

ii.  Right-click

AppStorManager. iii.  Select Stop from the menu.




i.  Open a command prompt window.

ii.  To stop the management server, enter the following:

/etc/init.d/appstormanager  stop


iii.  To see the status of the management server, enter the following:

/etc/init.d/appstormanager  status


2.  Access the database utility by doing the following on the management server:






i.  Set the display if you are accessing the Database Admin Utility remotely.

To set Perl in your path, enter the following command at the command prompt:

#  eval  `/opt/<SE  Install  Dir.>/install/`

In this instance, /opt/<SE Install Dir.> is the directory containing the software. It is defined by


ii.  Go to the

$APPIQ_DIST/Tools/dbAdmin directory and enter the following at the command prompt:





Go to the

%MGR_DIST%\Tools\dbAdmin directory and double-click dbAdmin.bat.


3.  Click

Change Passwords in the left pane.

4.  Select an account name from the User Name box.

5.  Enter the current password in the Old Password box.

6.  Enter the new password in the New Password box.

7.  Re-enter the password in the Confirm Password box.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event