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storage Essentials EVA5000 discovery problem

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storage Essentials EVA5000 discovery problem

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I run a fresh installation of SE (5.1), on a seperate box from CIM. On the SE box i installed SMI Agent 120.6.0a.
CVE is running on a SMA.

Sofar i am only able to discover some windows boxes, no EVA, no switches (proxy switch settings are configured in SMI-A though)

What am i missing? i went thru the documentation, but i have a hard time finding answers.




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Re: storage Essentials EVA5000 discovery problem

on your Command View eva server uninstall SMI-S by using the add/remove programs.

on your Storage Essentials under configuration - product health - there is a link right at the very bottom which says something like show defaults. browse through the link looking for a section on the eva stating cimon.eva.SMI-S=false cut and paste that in the box above. Also look for a section on Brocade where it states something about Brocade API=true cut and paste that in to the same box and change the true to false save exit storage Essentials and stop and start appstoremanager. Relaunch Storage Essentials and rediscover the proxy server, switches, and comand View eva server.
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Re: storage Essentials EVA5000 discovery problem

if you want to discover switches make sure ports 111 897 898 are opened in directon from host with SMIAgent towards switches