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3.0F Platform kit - error installing HBAnywhere

Craig Howe_1
Regular Advisor

3.0F Platform kit - error installing HBAnywhere

I'm getting an error installing HBAnywhere.

FCA2404, Firmware upgraded as per on Platform Kit.

I am about to setup Polyserve. Polyserve Matrix server requires HBAnywhere in order to be installed. It uses a StorPort driver in a single fabric, but I have a redundant fabric with SecurePath, so it uses the SCSIPort drivers.

Polyserve also uses the older 5-4a16 driver as per its compatibility list. If I use this driver I get the following error installing the HBAnywhere after the reboot:

The install procedure did not complete successfully. An error occured during the setup process.
You may look at the setup log file for more details if desired
Additional Information:

If I use the later 5-5 driver HBAnywhere installs fine but the mxcheck on Polyserve will fail - I can't use the latest driver at this time.

I've tried installing from the seperate packages from the 3.0F folders, no go.
Also tried installing the newer version, installing HBAnywhere, rolling back the driver and installing 5-4a16. No luck there, HBAnywhere installs drivers. Installed the slightly more recent version too off

I also notice when installing the newer driver there is no QueueDepth (I would have to add it manually) whereas on the older driver it is there for me to edit?

Any ideas would be great.



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Shahram Shaida
Occasional Visitor

Re: 3.0F Platform kit - error installing HBAnywhere

Hi Craig,
I assume you're trying to install the 5-4.82a16 ?

I also had this error, not sure if your problem is the same, but mine was because I was upgrading from 3.0b and 3.0b already uses version 5-4.82a16, so when it tries to re-install it gives that error. Check the version you already have and see if it matches.


Craig Howe_1
Regular Advisor

Re: 3.0F Platform kit - error installing HBAnywhere

Yes this is a new install. If I try the installation of the 5-4 driver and then move to the 5-5 driver I will still get the error. Even had problems rolling back from 5-4 to the original windows driver and then installing the 5-5 driver.

The only way I found was to install the 5-5 driver straight after the windows driver.