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Cluster question

Don Vanco - Linux Ninja
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Cluster question

Hi all -

I have a Windows-based PolyServe cluster supporting CIFS.

The cluster uses SAN fencing.

I need to move the hardware to a new location, and the IPs will all change.

What is the appropriate process to manage this? In particular, the storage.

I assumed I'd just stop the services one node at a time, removing each node from the cluster. I'd then make the move and bring up the first node, making the change to the IP addressing as I go.

Or is it more complicated than that? Do I need to deport the disks or anything like that?




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Re: Cluster question

the Matrix Server docs can be found here:〈=en&cc=US&prodSeriesId=3435148&prodTypeId=18964&refresh=true

and specificaly e.g.
in the section Move the server on page 42
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