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CommandView EVA 7.0.1 and SSSU timeouts

Daniel Keisling_2
Occasional Advisor

CommandView EVA 7.0.1 and SSSU timeouts


I recently upgraded my EVA5K to VCS 3.110 and CommandView to 7.0.1 (I uninstalled, then installed 7.0, then installed the patch).

Now, if I'm browsing around the CV interface, I sometimes get timeouts and have to refresh (the path tests come up fine) to see my EVA again. ISEE also throws "Monitoring Thread Lost" messages throughout the night.

More troubling is that I have several SSSU scripts that do automatic snapshots on several machines for several LUNs which have now started failing. In the logs, SSSU gets an error of "Storage cell needs to be initialized first" every so often. It seems to be random in that I cannot pin point it to one LUN or one host. I would estimate 4 out of 15 snapshots per night fail with this error. The SSSU scripts are all running at different times.

I downgraded back to CommandView 6.0.2 and now everything works perfectly. HP Support cannot explain it. It seems that CommandView just cannot keep a constant connection to the EVA in this version. Is anyone else having problems with timeouts in CommandView or SSSU errors?




P.S. This thread has been moved from  Disk Array to HP Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU). -HP Forum Moderator