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HP SSSU Permission denied

Mossman (Richard)
Occasional Contributor

HP SSSU Permission denied


I have a new installation of Command view 9.3 which was installed on a fresh Win2k8 platform. Initially, I couldn't log in using the same account as has been used for the last 12 months on an earlier version of CV even though the account was in the correct Storage Admins Group. However, that seems to have resolved itself but I am now having issues with SSSU. I can log on to SSSU using the same account and select the EVA but when I run a capture config, it fails and says permission denied.

This seems odd as the credentials appear to have been accepted at the SSSU log on.

Any ideas?

Best regards

Richard Moss

Re: HP SSSU Permission denied

check this ITRC, might be helpful

get the latest SSSU from Command view 9.3 source.

I work for HP
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Sudhakar Subramaniam
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP SSSU Permission denied

If you are not running the script and trying it throgh the SSSU command please reboot the CV server and try to restart the services and check. Also try to run the script .
Sudhakar Subramaniam
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP SSSU Permission denied

Also please check whether that username and password is added in the HP admin groups in that CVEVA server.
Sudhakar Subramaniam
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP SSSU Permission denied

u can also capture config from cv-eva
under server options
Dileep P S

Re: HP SSSU Permission denied

if you need to collect SSSU config


Please try this option


Select only controller configuration dump.


this will be an xml file