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Polyserve OS Access

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Polyserve OS Access

Will Polyserve allow OS access and physical drive letters or mount points so that a host replication product like Storage Mirror can be used to migrate data from one EVA to a new one?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Polyserve OS Access

Polyserve CFS seems to be transparent to the OSes (Windows/Linux).

For the host based replication maybe this could be useful note:
All LUNs Must Be Mounted Symmetrically Across the Cluster

Maybe this could be useful as well to see that it works with the HW based replication, e.g. EVA:

How to Shut Down an EVA that Pairs with another EVA that Has a Dynamic Volume Extended Across LUNs from both EVAs with a Single SQL Instance

Creating Hardware Snapshots on HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) Storage Arrays
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Emil Velez
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Re: Polyserve OS Access

The polyserve software runs on a standard windows or Linux OS so backup or file replication tools on one node in the cluster should be able to access files on a Z drive or mount point for replication.

Polyserve Linux 3.7 actually has a new replication feature where it can replicate new files from one cluster to another cluster across the network.