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Question about moving off of my current private network....

Tammy Lawson

Question about moving off of my current private network....

I have a 8 node Poly cluster, base version 3.6.1 hotfix 3, db 3.6.2. I currently have 8 network interfaces amongst 4 physical NICs.  6 are teamed, etc across 2 of the NICs (10.77.44, 10.77.45, 10.77.46, 10.77.48.....), 1 NIC is for backup (10.77.47.x) and 1 NIC is currently for heartbeat (172.x).  I need to get off the 172.x network and I need to figure out the best way with as minimal downtime as possible.  Currently my backup 10.77.47 and heartbeat network 172.x have admin traffic enabled.  My preliminary plan is:


Move the only two instances I had on the 10.77.48 interface off - DONE

Disable hosting and discourage Admin on 10.77.48.  (want to use this as a alternative heartbeat network)

Disable the 172.x network interface  (my backup network will be my admin network now)


Should I disable heartbeat in Matrix Server first - if it will let me? Disable the interface in network control panel? What do I need to know about stopping/starting Matrix Server?


I will have backup traffic on 10.77.47 during backup times. 10.77.48 will have nothing else running on it but does share traffic on the first 2 physical NICs I mentioned.  The guide does say you can share traffic but it may effect performance. Any advice here?


After we get done, we may can come back and add the 4th NIC back in so I can have some better admin network help and redunancy.  


Tammy Lawson

Re: Question about moving off of my current private network....

I got a little farther. I learned the hard way you do want to stop Matrix Server before disabling any NIC in Control Panel (even though it was not the current heartbeat NIC). On 6 of the 8 servers I did not have an issue, but on 2 of them I did. Better to take the planned outage versus an unplanned.  I will tell you when I had the issue, I could not remote into any of the 8 clusters.  To fix, I had to use the ILO to connect in and restart the server I made the change on.


So the right way:


Stop matrix server

Disable NIC in Control Panel

Then you can delete in Matrix Server