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Randem SQL Server reboots in PolyServe matrix

Dan Simanek
Occasional Visitor

Randem SQL Server reboots in PolyServe matrix

We are running PolyServe 3.6.1. Randomly a node of the matrix recieves a shutdown command for all of the SQL Server instances on the node. The monitor restarts the services, and when the status check before failover is made, the services are found to be OK, so no failover occurs. The advice we have from HP Support is to install 3.6.2, but no guarantee this will fix anything. Has anyone else seen this behavior, and were you able to fix it?
Dan Tyndale

Re: Randem SQL Server reboots in PolyServe matrix

We do not recommend 3.6.2 unless you need to run SQL 2008. Wait for a 3.6.2 hotfix 1 is released before applying 3.6.2.

Hard to tell what instances shutting down is from brief description. Recommend you open a HP support ticket and have HPS output reviewed.

More than likely, Poly detects a network failure, however brief, and it shutdowns of SQL instances. Recommend you go to each SQL instance, properties, probe configuration and increase timeout value - 45 is about the max.

Check in system, matrix and other logs for network errors and investigate. If using Broadcom NIC, verify current driver. Verify Multicast enabled on switch, hard coded NICs, NIC configuration good in matrix console, binding is correct order, etc