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SSSU Delete VDISK / Business Copy taking much Longer

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SSSU Delete VDISK / Business Copy taking much Longer

I've raised a call with HP Storage already but was wondering if anyone else has experienced deletes of VDisks within SSSU taking longer with no explanation at therir site.

We unpresent and delete 18 VDisks (about 300Gb in total) every day as part of a refresh of a Business Copy Database. The whole process used to take 20-30 Minutes but now the deletion stage takes well over an hour (2 hours the last two days).

Nothing has changed recently except the addition of 3 new luns to the host (60Gb in Total) but initially this did nbot have an impact on the timings. Nothing else has changed.

I did consider changed the option within sssu to not wait in between commands but this would only account for 3-4 minutes of the total time.

Any tips/hints would be appreciated with point rewarded