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SSSU V.6 Scripting

Honored Contributor

SSSU V.6 Scripting


Short on time - does anyone know of a quick way to use SSSU V.6 in a script and pass the "manager", "username" and "password" in a single command. A EVA configuration backup script is failing since CV-EVA got upgraded to V.6 and the old version of SSSU is not working. Trying to use SSSU V.6. has the issue in that it prompts for the name of "manager", "username" and "password". How could this be scripted?

I am sure this would be an easy one for many!

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: SSSU V.6 Scripting

I put username/password in a separate file, because I have multiple scripts. Here is an attempt to demo my setup - untested, as the real scripts are distributed across several subdirectories.

--file: logon.txt
set options command_delay=1
select manager localhost username=administrator password=x
--eof: logon.txt

--file: EVA1-capture-config.txt
file logon.txt
set options display_width = 132

ls manager
ls options

ls system full

select system EVA1

capture configuration EVA1-config.txt SAVE_ALL_WORLD_WIDE_LUN_NAME

--eof: EVA1-capture-config.txt

--file: EVA1-capture.bat
sssu-V6.0.34.exe "set options command_delay=1" "file %CELL_NAME%-capture-config.txt" > capture-config.log
--eof: EVA1-capture.bat
Bill Costigan
Honored Contributor

Re: SSSU V.6 Scripting

I found the same 'SELECT MANAGER username= PASSWORD=' line works the same with V6 as it did in the older versions of sssu.

I use it as the first line of the text file that I pass to sssu e.g.
SSSU "FILE myfile"

What I did find was that the user name and password changed after updating to v6.

Before the update, sssu use a different username and password than the ones used to logon to the server itself. After the update, the old username and password didn't work anymore but the same one used to log in to the server did work.

Re: SSSU V.6 Scripting

As mentioned, use the "SELECT MANAGER" command as before. You now need to use a valid Windows user ID.
Command View 6 changes its credentials from using the WEBES login within to using the Windows login everywhere. Any Windows user ID that is a member of the "HP Storage Admins" group on the Command View management server can access the EVA both through Command View and also SSSU.

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