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SSSU command to see event logs


SSSU command to see event logs

We have a HP EVA 6400 and we wonder if there is any command line instruction to see the event logs (Management Server Event Log, Controller Event Log and Controller Termination Event Log.


Thanks in advance

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: SSSU command to see event logs

Hey, have you looked in the SSSU reference?

The logs are stored in the file system on the server (under the CV installation dir). But you need a special tool to read them.

Do you see the logs in "Windows Event Viewer" - maybe there is a CLI tool to read that?

Re: SSSU command to see event logs

I had been searching a command in "HP Storage System Scripting Utility Reference" to see the logs with the purpose of redirect them to a file but I could not find anyone.

The alternative is using the GUI to see the event log but is not very useful. 

If I try to read the data of a capture the files are in ".bin" format


Well probably I have reached a dead end...