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SSSU full EVA inventory script

Regular Advisor

SSSU full EVA inventory script

Hi Folks,

We have an EVA4100 and EVA4400, CV9.0.2, need to extract all the info for support and contract renewal and for internal company documentation.

We have tried some SSSU commands, but we were unable to format appropriately the output.

Please may you help us with some script that help us with this?

Thanks a lot,


Re: SSSU full EVA inventory script

I understand you want extract the information about the support and contract renewal.

I would suggest you to follow the below mentioned link and select the location, provide the serial number and product ID. It will give you the information.
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: SSSU full EVA inventory script

It is not possible to find the serial number electronically on any of the EVAs.

Were you able to find what you were looking for from some of the SSSU commands?

Could you be more specific?

If so, what part of the formatting/parsing did you have problems with? You can get it to output into .xml.
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Re: SSSU full EVA inventory script

Thanks for the replies,

What we need is some kind of report which shows:

- Hard Drive Serials, Firmware, Size, etc.
- Drive Enclosures Info
- FC, EMU information
- DiskGroup and vDisk information

SSSU gives us some of this information in XML, but we cant vizualize in a more readable format.

HP can parse and view the XML output with their internal tools.

Any help is vastly appreciated,


Re: SSSU full EVA inventory script

Can you share the configuration log as per the instruction provided earlier?

I will try to send you the required file in proper format.
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Re: SSSU full EVA inventory script

The best way to document the EVA configuration is to use HP Configuration Collector.

Download link:

This will generate output in XML format (different than SSSU), then you need to ask any HP representative to format it in desired output (pdf, xls, html) using EVA-Documentation Tool (EVA-DT).

I am sure you will be surprised by the EVADT document if you haven't seen one yet.

** EVA-DT is internal HP tool, not to be shared with external parties hence you may not get it off the web/google.

Good luck