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SSSU question - Continuous Access SUSPEND / NOSUSPEND

Chris Bennett_9
Valued Contributor

SSSU question - Continuous Access SUSPEND / NOSUSPEND

We would like to script the daily resync of a Continuous Access (DRM) pair on our EVA5000. We are running VCS 3025.

On our XP arrays, this can be easily accomplished using HORCM, but there doesn't seem to be the same level of robustness with SSSU. For example, how do we know that the CA pairs have reached 100% pair status before suspending them again? In HORCM, we would issue a command as follows:

"pairresync -g CAPAIR -l"
"pairevtwait -g CAPAIR -s PAIR -t 15"
"pairsplit -g CAPAIR -l"

These three statements will resync the pairs, wait until all disks reach PAIR status (checking every 15 seconds), then suspend the CA.

I do see that I can run 'set DR_group "\Data Replication\dr001" SUSPEND (or NOSUSPEND)- but how can I tell using a script at 3am when to re-suspend the pairs?

I guess I am looking for an equivalent set of commands for SSSU - and looking for error checking and error handling logic.

Erwin van Londen
Valued Contributor

Re: SSSU question - Continuous Access SUSPEND / NOSUSPEND


Why do you want to resync ???? Are you using the remote site for backup purposes or something like that ?

Kind regards,
Erwin van Londen