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SSSU using wildcards to mount disks?

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Ian Grobler
Frequent Advisor

SSSU using wildcards to mount disks?

We are currently using the EVA integration pack with DP5.1 running on Windows Server 2003.
During the nightly scheduled backup a snapshot of the SAN volume on the 2003 client is taken (using DP) and then backed up to tape. No SSSU is used in this process and all is done by DP.

I would like to mount the daily snapshot created by DP to a seperate LUN using SSSU and diskpart. Unfortunately the random name of the DP snapshot/vdisk (e.g. DP-2005.06.27-7-142C05E22) makes it a nightmare to try and script with SSSU. Every day the snapshot is named differently using the date/session parameters in the format "DP-date-session-xxxxxxxxx"

Is it possible to script SSSU to use wildcards $?) when adding a LUN to a VDISK as per above

i.e. ADD LUN 1 VDISK="\Virtual Disks\server\DP-$\ACTIVE" HOST="\Hosts\server\server" or similar?
Any ideas would be much appreciated.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: SSSU using wildcards to mount disks?

It is hightly unlikely. I haven't seen _any_ wildcard support in SSSU. This utility is a thin layer on top of the communications protocol when talking to the agent.

I am afraid you have to get a full overview via SSSU, then process this information with a home-made program, create a new SSSU script and feed it into SSSU.
nicolas figaro
Occasional Contributor

Re: SSSU using wildcards to mount disks?

You have to run a first sssu script to grab the snaphot's name (using the "show vdisk" command) and create another script to create the lun.

But it would be very dangerous to allow wildcards in sssu.

I wrote some vbs and perl to automatically grab info from sssu.

I can send some extracts to you if you need.

Nicolas Figaro

Ian Grobler
Frequent Advisor

Re: SSSU using wildcards to mount disks?

Many thanks for the feedback guys. I have been away for a while but have managed to use a simple volume copy on the file system to resolve my problem and not make use of the DP Snapshot at all (pity).
Ian Grobler
Frequent Advisor

Re: SSSU using wildcards to mount disks?

Workaround implemented. All feedback much appreciated.