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I seem to have an issue when using th SSSU command. I create/mount jobs via the SSSU on a nightly basis and have written into my script a check to make sure the disks are there before trying to mount them. Most of this time this is fine (as shown in the first script below) but every now and then I get a sessionkeynotfound error (as shown in the second script). Every time i rerun the jobs they all work perfectly, and they all work perfectly when run manually as well. Does anyone know what this message means and how i can mitigate the chances of it occuring?



SSU Build 7 for hp command view eva 3.2

NoSystemSelected> FILE D:\APPS\SAN\TEMP\VD_20050318__225106_status.txt

NoSystemSelected> SELECT MANAGER sanman1 USERNAME=***** PASSWORD=*******
NoSystemSelected> SELECT SYSTEM EVA01

EVA01> SHOW VDISK "\Virtual Disks\Oracle\PUPSS Live\PUPSS Index\ACTIVE"

\Virtual Disks\Oracle\PUPSS Live\PUPSS Index\ACTIVE information:
Name : \Virtual Disks\Oracle\PUPSS Live\PUPSS
Family_Name : PUPSS Index
Hex_UUID : 6005-08b4-0001-35b8-0001-0000-01e4-0000
World_Wide_Lun_Name : 6005-08b4-0001-35b8-0001-0000-01e4-0000
Disk_Type : Original
Disk_Group : \Disk Groups\Default Disk Group
Capacity_Req : 15
Capacity_Used : 15
Sharing_Relationship : none
parentvdiskname : n/a
parentvdiskhexuid : n/a
parentvdiskid : n/a
childvdiskname : n/a
childvdiskhexuid : n/a
childvdiskid : n/a
Redundancy : vRaid1
Write_Cache_Policy : Mirrored write-back
Read_Cache_Policy : On
Comm_Protocol :
Write_Protect : No
Enable_Disable : Enable
OS_Unit_ID : 0
Preferred_path : No preference
Comments :
ID : 1c200710b4080560b8350100000001000000e401
Operational_State : 1
Date Time:
Created : 22-May-2004 14:00:12
Presentation :
StorageClientName : \Hosts\Oracle\SYSTEMS29
Lun : 3

SSSU Build 7 for hp command view eva 3.2

NoSystemSelected> FILE D:\APPS\SAN\TEMP\VD_20050318__190346_status.txt

NoSystemSelected> SELECT MANAGER sanman1 USERNAME=******* PASSWORD=******
NoSystemSelected> SELECT SYSTEM EVA01

Error: EMClientAPITNG error ->
EMCLIENTAPI_SESSIONKEYNOTFOUND_ERROR : The server didn't return a valid session key.

NoSystemSelected> SHOW VDISK "\Virtual Disks\Oracle\PUPSS Live\PUPSS Index\ACTIVE"

Error: Command not valid until a system is selected (SELECT SYSTEM)
NoSystemSelected> EXIT


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