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Snapshots/SSSU 8/HPUX/EVA/Secure Path issues on EVA 6100

Mark Sellan

Snapshots/SSSU 8/HPUX/EVA/Secure Path issues on EVA 6100

We are moving from a VA7400 disk array to an EVA6100. We have a production Oracle database that, today, is cloned via Business Copy VA snapshots up to eight separate copies each night. Those copies are built as separate instances for other purposes (testing, development, reporting, etc).

With the VA this was relatively easy with a couple of smart scripts and armcopy commands. On the EVA with SSSU we are having all sorts of issues.

We setup the EVA with our production database and then made a mirrorclone of it. The idea was the mirror would be resynced and then fractured each night and then we'd run (up to) 7 snapshots of it. But the snapshots appear to be related to one another in some sort of parent/child relationship, which takes an enormous time to delete?

Also, we are using Secure path and cannot seem to keep the snapshot disk device files from showing up as failed after performing a snapshot. I wouldn't mind them getting flagged as failed, but it appears the only way to clear the failed flag is to reboot the server.

I have read the SSSU scripting manual plenty, but I haven't found any good information on the intersection of HPUX/SSSU/EVA/Securpath. Does anyone have experience with multiple snapshots on an EVA with SSSU and HPUX running autopath? I could really use your advice.

Thanks very much,




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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Snapshots/SSSU 8/HPUX/EVA/Secure Path issues on EVA 6100


This is very hard to grasp without a lot more detail.

I don't have heavy experience with EVA and snapshots but just walked back from a production setup that uses this very configuration.

This appears to be a setup issue.

The snapshot schedule has created this parent child relationship, and that is not correct.

I'd recommend setting up the schedule anew and making a schedule that works for you.

Our EVA came with a somewhat intuitive GUI interface and changing the schedule and setting the snapshot type is relatively simple.

We are not doing sssu scripting as it was not needed. This is a production environment with an oracle database and probably 1.5 TB of information.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Snapshots/SSSU 8/HPUX/EVA/Secure Path issues on EVA 6100

I think it would be better if you do this using RSM.

Check the user guide here:

Also, for HP-UX make sure you have installed SecurePath 3.0F SP1, SP2 or SP3