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Updating from

Peter J. Milanese
Frequent Advisor

Updating from

We have a few boxes that haven't really been an issue, but we'd like to update. Ideally a switch to RHEL would be desired, but my HP guy says it would require a rebuild of the entire FS. Not cool, 20+ spanned LUNS.

So, are there any real issues with running a yast update? Polyserve update?

These are the first gen DL380 appliances.

Thanks for any input you can provide!

Emil Velez
Honored Contributor

Re: Updating from

if you were upgrading to the same but upgraded OS SUSE then you could preserve your data but since you are both changing vesion and changing cluster OS you will need to rebuild the cluster from scratch to goto a 3.7 Redhat cluster from a 3.5 suse cluster.

You could take 1/2 of your nodes out of the cluster. Build a new cluster with 1/2 your nodes and new luns then copy your data using NFS or soemthing else.

Then add your old nodes to the new cluster.

Just a idea..