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What does SSSU WAIT_FOR_COMPLETION option wait for?

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What does SSSU WAIT_FOR_COMPLETION option wait for?

The Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU) reference guide mentions a "WAIT_FOR_COMPLETION" option for the (among others) ADD COPY, ADD SNAPSHOT and DELETE VDISK commands.

I am looking at doing a backup of a database by building around the following sequence:
i) pause database
k) resume database
l) sleep to allow snapshots to complete

Questions: What are the snapshots waiting for?
If NOWAIT_FOR_COMPLETION is specified with the ADD COPY or ADD SNAPSHOT commands, is the snapshot not valid when the command returns?
Will the snapshots be a consistent picture of the database after step "k" or not?

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Mike Naime
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Re: What does SSSU WAIT_FOR_COMPLETION option wait for?

The WAIT/NOWAIT reffers to the SAN appliance, and if you can use the Appliance while this activity is occuring.

If you issue the WAIT, and it takes one hour to complete... you will not be able to do anything else with your Appliance/EVA while it is waiting for this command to complete.

We rapidly learned to use the NOWAIT This allows for other activities to occur while your process(es) is running in the background.
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