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how to unpresent a LUN using SSSU ?

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nicolas figaro
Occasional Contributor

how to unpresent a LUN using SSSU ?


In a backup script I'd like to unpresent a LUN to a host (if the master fails, I wish to unpresent the LUN to the master and present it to the backup).

The SSSU reference guide says that the "ADD LUN" command presents directly the LUN added to the host.

How can I unpresent the LUN to a host using SSSU sithout deleting it ? (the GUI allows you to unpresent the LUN without deletion).

thanks a lot

Nicolas Figaro

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: how to unpresent a LUN using SSSU ?

A virtual disk is the container for your data. You present it to a Host by creating a Host/LUN/Vdisk mapping. That is what 'ADD LUN' does.

You only can 'unpresent' a virtual disk, not a LUN. The way to do that is to use the 'DELETE LUN' command. This will only break the connection from the Host through the LUN to the virtual disk.

Your data is still kept intact in the virtual disk. You can use another 'ADD LUN' command to preset the data to a different Host.
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Re: how to unpresent a LUN using SSSU ?

delete lun "\hostsfolder\host\LUN#"


delete lun "\Hosts\Sun\apollo\6"

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