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lun copy for vms backup

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lun copy for vms backup

I have been asked to create an sssu script on a vms server that will tale a copy of several luns on the eva6400 and then when complete present these copies to the VMS system to be backed up. After the backup completes the luns are to be dismounted / unpresented from the VMS system. This is to be a daily job.

My questions are:-


1) Looking at the sssu documentaion I think I should be using "ADD MULTI SNAP" containing several snapclone commands which use containers for the copies?


2) I presume the containers are created first the same size as the luns which are to be copied?


3) Does the container become a vdisk when the snapclone completes?


4) How do you know when each snapclone completes?


5) When you issue the "ADD MULTI SNAP" command do all the individual snapclones within this command take the exact same point in time for the copy?


6) On the snapclones do you use allocation_policy=Fully?


7) After we have presented this new vdisk to a server, performed the backup and unpresented the vdsik from the server. how do you change the vdisk into an empty container again?


8) This must be a task many people perform so has anyone got any code which they could share with me please?