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mxcheck reports gateway not responding


mxcheck reports gateway not responding

I rebooted one of my clustered gateways running HP CFS 3.5.1 on my MSA1500 SAN.

The server came up OK, but the CFS software (polyserve) will not start. The mxcheck gets to step 400.networks and fails. The log reports that No gateways are responding.

FAILURE: Networks Test (400.networks)
--- 400.networks started: Tue Feb 10 15:43:22 MST 2009 ---
Interface eth0 has address:
Interface eth1 has address:
WARNING: Gateway is not responding
ERROR: No gateways are responding
--- 400.networks completed in 12 seconds ---

I don't understand this. The gateway responds to pings, the interfaces are configured correctly. The interface on the clustered gateway is on the same subnet as the .126 address.

How does mxcheck check the gateway? In what way is it not responding?

Please help.




P.S. This thread has been moved from Storage Area Networks (SAN) (Enterprise) to Polyserve Solutions. - Hp Forum Moderator