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sssu logfiles space consumption

Michele (Mike) Alberton
Regular Advisor

sssu logfiles space consumption

Hi !

We have an rx6600 server connected to an EVA 4400 disk array, managed by a remote PC via FC link.

I've seen on the server many cvclienttrace-xxyyzz-a.log files in different directories in different points in time.

I've seen that each time sssu is executed a ./logs directory is created (if not already in place) and the log file is either created or updated with new information.

Since we run sssu each 5 minutes we have daily files quite huge.

Was wondering where to configure the storage directory for this kind of files, and if I could change the trace level for the information they store, eventually using a different paramenter in the sssu commandline.

Thanks in advance

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: sssu logfiles space consumption

Hi, couldn't find any parameter that could be changed on the disk group itself regarding this.

Is the reference guide for SSSU.

Couldn't find any parameters either that you can put on the SSSU file to change the log output.

Maybe this can be accomplished by another file-managing script outside of the SSSU?
If you want to delete the logfiles, maybe a script can be set up that looks for filenames in the logs directory that are older than something and then deletes them or moves them somewhere else?
Valued Contributor

Re: sssu logfiles space consumption

I couldn't find anything on this either. I looked at cveva.cfg but nothing jumped out at me. I suspect this may be hardcoded in the sssu binary as this is all one needs to invoke sssu on a remote system. Perhaps an HP developer or someone else will comment further.

Anyway, as these files are self-purging, I've never worried about them. (But I only run sssu once a hour).
Michele (Mike) Alberton
Regular Advisor

Re: sssu logfiles space consumption

Hi Thanks to both, could not find any explicit reference for sssu command line, since anything after sssu is pretty much considered as scripting input.

Was thinking about something external taking care of that, just one more about the "self purging" note.
These files are not being deleted by themselves, found 1 of them for each day in the last few months, that's why I was worried.

When I log in, don't see any attempt to delete the old files:

KIFCCS1# sssu

SSSU for HP StorageWorks Command View EVA
Version: 8.0.0
Build: 010208A


NoSystemSelected> ls system

Systems available on this Manager:

NoSystemSelected> exit

Thanks again,

Valued Contributor

Re: sssu logfiles space consumption

That's odd because I do see them being cleaned periodically on my systems:

SSSU for HP StorageWorks Command View EVA
Version: 8.0.2
Build: 080808A

Username: rsan

deleting file::C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Sanworks\Element Manager for St
orageWorks HSV\logs\cvclienttrace-100109-1.log, file age::4, maxAge::3

By the way, you may want to get friendly names for your devices. If you go to your management server and run the following EVAPERF commands:

evaperf fnh localhost 'username'
(you'll be prompted for a password)
and then do
evaperf fn
to create the friendly names for your hosts, vdisks, diskgroups, etc.
I noticed this was absent in your
sssu ls system output.

The default location is
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\EVA Performance Monitor
and the it will create/update your fnames.conf.
Michele (Mike) Alberton
Regular Advisor

Re: sssu logfiles space consumption

Thanks -R, will try to improve it :) and if I cannot manage to let the system cleanup at least the files, will go with an external housekeeping script.

Thanks again for your support !