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sssu present/unpresent trouble

Occasional Advisor

sssu present/unpresent trouble

is it possible in SSSU to do something like in good old HSG80 times a


We tried and played around many times, we were able to add presentations to a VDISK and to delete 'known' presentations
but only if we know the HOST and the LUNid exactly)

Is there a chance to 'remove' the presentation, WITHOUT knowing HOST and LUNid, to say, it's unimportant to know to whom this Lun is presented, we'd like to clean it up

Is there a possibilty???

Reagrds Peter

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: sssu present/unpresent trouble

Unfortunately not, as 'DELETE LUN' breaks a single Vdisk-to-Host mapping.

You would have to dive into a bit programming.

Do a 'SHOW LUN FULL' and you see that you would have to go over all LUNs to find out if the mapping belongs to a particular Vdisk.

Do a 'SHOW VDISK name' and you see that the Host/LUN mapping is shown near the end (unless you're running CA). You would need to grab this information and turn it into a series of 'DELETE LUN' commands.