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sssu script question

Adam Garsha
Valued Contributor

sssu script question

Say I want to wait for a multimirror resync to complete before I fracture it again.

Is there a way in sssu script to say "wait for all commands to complete before moving on" or do I have to fudge with pauses, etc.

The specific commands are:

set multimirror resync ...
set multimirror fracture ...
Jenni Wolgast
Regular Advisor

Re: sssu script question

I'll be watching to see what responses you get since I doing this same process. :)

My current (very un-elgant) way of doing this is to have a
- shell script do all the unmounting
- sssu script with a resync command
- shell script that loops through and calls an sssu script that does an "ls vdisk .. xml" command on all my vdisks and dumps the results to a file

I then count how many "operating_normally" messages I got back and loop until all my disks are synced. Once I have the right count, I call another sssu to frature and shell script to remount...

Very ugly but it works so far. The hardest part (and what drove me to the loop) was waiting until all the disks were synced. There is an option you can set that is supposed to wait but it wasn't working for me...
Occasional Visitor

Re: sssu script question

Hi Adam,
A new command called "wait_until" is planned to be added in next release which will take the object name and the state to wait on. This command is desinged specifically for the kind of difficulty that you are facing. Please look out for next release of SSSU