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1200s & Sharepoint Portal Server

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1200s & Sharepoint Portal Server


I am about to test deploy a 1200s 1TB NAS, purely for the company's intranet & data store.

So I will be additionally installing Sharepoint Portal Server 2003, and SQL server 2000 (As database will exceed 20GB) on the box, to create a self contained Intranet and file store solution.

Is there any obvious overlooked reason for not doing this?

Backup will be to SDLT via a seperate Veritas Backup Exec server.

Jon Paul
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Re: 1200s & Sharepoint Portal Server

Hey Paul,

The NAS server is not an application server. I'm not sure about the sharepoint server install but I'm fairly sure that you will not be able to install SQL server on the system. The only DB that I believe runs on a NAS OS is the MSDE (desktop edition) which will not be able to give you the appropriate performance on an large database.
Please let us know if you are able to run this configuration.
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Re: 1200s & Sharepoint Portal Server

OK, well...

Recovered the NAS using the quick restore and the newly purchased HP DVD420e DVD-RW

Installed SQL 2000 with SP3 as SP2 and below not supported. Restart NAS, SQL running.

Installed MS Sharepoint Portal Server.

Configured Database, created Portal.

And we are now the proud parents of a 640GB Sharepoint Portal.

Someone should punt this as an out the box solution, I'd buy one :)

So. Hope this is of some interest to others.