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AIO 1200 - SQL hosting

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AIO 1200 - SQL hosting

Im facing a issue in SQL hosting on Aio 1200.
The error occurs on SQL credentials while im entering the hosting wizard. I can able to intract the server but i cant able to intract the Database. Any solutions plz reply.
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Re: AIO 1200 - SQL hosting

check that pleas
Host a SQL Server Database Wizard authentication error
Problem : While using the Host a SQL Server Database Wizard, you receive an error message informing you that ASM cannot authenticate with the server that hosts SQL Server.

Solution : Each SQL Server license (instance) must have a login for the local user called ASMUser with the server role defined as System Administrators. This login is created during the installation of the ASM agent on the server that hosts SQL Server; however, if another SQL Server license is installed after the ASM agent is installed, this login will not be configured.

To fix this problem, you can remove the ASM agent from the server that hosts SQL Server, and then reinstall it following the instructions in the HP StorageWorks All-in-One Storage System quick start instructions (no information will be lost). Or, manually enter the login as follows:

Open SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

Connect to the server with SQL Server data you want to store on your HP All-in-One Storage System.

Select the Security Folder.

Select Logins .

Select New Login .

In the Name field, enter ASMUser .

In the Domain field, enter the domain name for the server that hosts SQL Server.

Select the Server Roles tab.

Select the System Administrators server role and click OK .