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Re: AIO 1200r cannot 'remove from view'

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Han van Capelle
New Member

AIO 1200r cannot 'remove from view'

After deleting storage space following the instructions in the PDF document "Reclaiming storage on the HP StorageWorks All-in-One Storage System" we can not do the last step: remove from view. According to the taskmanager the job finishes well but after discovery it pop's up again.

Anyone had this and found a solution?
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Re: AIO 1200r cannot 'remove from view'

did you installed latest service release for AIO series ?
Fred Glomb
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Re: AIO 1200r cannot 'remove from view'

I fought the problem with two HPO AIO 1200 units. worked with HP for 3 weeks and even reloaded factor fresh cd's and applied updates from HP. I guess I was unlucky , beacuse nothing helped, even prayer. Before I pulled out the little hair I had, I just ended up scheduling this little batch file to run every 4 hours and I am pretty happy now

Hope it helps

echo off
rem Created by Fred Glomb
rem resolves the nasty red /duplicate objects

net stop "HP All-in-One Storage Manager Server"
cd "\program files\hp\HP All-in-One Storage Manager"
copy hpkas-sandbox.bin hpkas-sandbox.badone
del hpkas-sandbox.bin
net start "HP All-in-One Storage Manager Server"
Han van Capelle
New Member

Re: AIO 1200r cannot 'remove from view'

Exactly the same over here.
Also installed it fresh from CD and applied the updates.
Can you tell me what your script is doing?

Another thing: Backup
The user guide (on page 90) states:
1. Select an Exchange storage group, SQL Server DataBase blabla...
2. In the actions pane, click Configure Backup
But that link 'Configure Backup' is no where to be found. Do you have that one?