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AIO 600 Storage System Management

Antonio Silva-BR
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AIO 600 Storage System Management

In the storage system management, when I tried to open the storage view, in the middle a partition show me "Discovery Failed".

I had a lot of Shared Folders, half with Quotas and half with not.

I Did one upgrade in the system to aio_1.3.0.

After this, when I enter in the storage management no one shared folders are viewed, it's show no shared folders.

I did one test creating a new shared folder by the tool, only this is showing now by the tool.

How I can show again the rest of all shared folders in the system? There is any way that I can Do a manual discovery when ths system search allthe folders and shows again in the tools?

Attached the file of the screen shots.


David Straw
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Re: AIO 600 Storage System Management


A discovery failure should log an error to the application event log. If the log entry doesn't help, I would suggest opening a support call with HP.

Jean-Pierre potvin
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Re: AIO 600 Storage System Management

Hi ! I have the same problem with my AIO 600 since i've updated to service release 1.4.3.

have you received a response from a pro about that ?

You can also see the discovery failed button at the bottom of the screen capture.
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Re: AIO 600 Storage System Management

It's worth a look at the 1.5 update, which was just released, if only for the actual installshield driven update system, which is less complex to work with than the 1.43 update was for me, at least.

I logged in tonight hoping to find an update for the storage management *agent,* the piece of software to install on the application servers.

I'm having very weird issues where an AiO600 does not think that LUNs which are mounted on the remote end are actually available. It's frustrating; I'm not sure what all the impact of it is, but I have the impression that restoring the VHD contents will be hard if the system does not think the contents were ever locally available.

From what I've read, this may be an issue with the storage agent not correctly reporting to AiO on what the status of the files is.

The 1.5 release does give you a prompt to update that client (again, nice UI design - I bet the option was there in 1.43, but it was hard to find and hard to think of!)

It does not resolve the issue (yet, I have not yet rebooted the servers in question) - I still have every LUN reporting:

"Failed to find volume 'Database_Log'. Ensure volume is mounted."

The volumes are mounted - both on the SQL server side and on the AiO side. Also, the Inisght Storage Agents Service has been throwing an error and halting at startup since the update to 1.43.

I have one other question: I got a lot of alarming warnings about hotfixes and chunks of AD that were going to stop working during the process, when I had to remove the old iSCSI software target client. Am I right in thinking those are primarily dependencies on a named set of files, which the new client installed back into the right locations?
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Re: AIO 600 Storage System Management

Wow. Upgrading the client for the app servers was, for me, a pretty ugly thing first time through.

Looks as if I'll be reinstalling the OS and SQL and then installing the latest and greatest client to avoid the number of broken things generated by removing the old one, unless one of the pros here can recommend a better parth. A glance at the event logs through the console - mstsc is one element that is still acting up - suggest that there are a boatload of password problems now. Lots of services need them and don't have them?
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Re: AIO 600 Storage System Management

final note for this session: a second reboot after reinstalling the client made the box bootable, made mstsc work, and cleared the huge number of "sql can't do this" errors in the logs.

Howeer, the AiO itself is still reporting the LUNs are down, so the original problem is still there.

Enough for the night.