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AIO400 Storageworks Server

Marvin R Campbell
New Member

AIO400 Storageworks Server

I have a AIO400 Storageworks Server and just replaced all four drives with bigger ones (2 x 500GB + 2 x 1TB). I have configured the RAID, but it does not recongnize a C: drive? Any help would be great. When I run the intial installation disk again it goes to RAMDISK and won't recognize the drives.
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: AIO400 Storageworks Server

1 TB drives? Those are not HP, so not supported
The AiO400 is sold as a preconfigured system (hardware and software), you cannot modify components on it. It's sold and supported with 4 x 250GB drives.
Also, like many NAS products from HP, the storage is configured as RAID 5 across all drives. The restore DVD expects to find a certain hardware configuration (controller, disks, BIOS).