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AiO 600 iSCSI

Mack McLeod
New Member

AiO 600 iSCSI

I setup the AiO with 2 NIC interfaces. One is on the network and the other network. The iSCSI network is on the 192. network and my users are on the 10. network.
I attached the exchange server and brought over the mailbox stores and everything was OK. I needed to reboot. When i did the AiO picked up the Exchange server on the 10. network and not the 192. network.
I made it work by disconnecting the 10. network and manually creating the LUNs on the exchange server with the same drive letters (HP support told me to do this) but the AiO doesn't recogonize the Exchange server and now i cannot connect another Exchange server on the 192 network. There are only 2 servers on the iSCSI network (192) with no DNS. I'm sure that this has everything to do with dns but i am not sure how to fix it where the AiO uses the 192 network instead of the 10. network. There is a seperate switch for the 192 network. Any other info i will be glad to provide.
D Wong
Regular Advisor

Re: AiO 600 iSCSI

Hi Mack:

Try modifing your C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file by adding the full network host name and the IP Address to this table. This should help your network routing to the two network cards.

Dave W.