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AiO600 Hosted LUN - No RAID-1 Available

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AiO600 Hosted LUN - No RAID-1 Available

Hi All.

I have a customer who is using a AIO600 in a C3000 enclosure to host Exchange 2007, SQL 2005, unstructured file data and some VMWare ESX 3.5 LUN's.

In addition to all of this they want to host another low IO application.

They have asked for two LUN's 150GB of RAID-5 which I can create fine, but they also want 60GB off of the RAID-1 set (Where the SQL and Exchange logs are) and the AIO storage manager will not let me pick RAID-1. I get RAID-0 (No array to suit), RAID-1+0 (Again no available array), RAID-5 and RAID-6.

There is 75GB free on the RAID-1 set and I cannot even get a 5GB LUN let alone the 60GB they want.

Has anyone seen this and do they know the fix?

The AIO is runnong 1.3.0 BTW.