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Amber light on drive, AiO1200r 12 terabyte NAS

Bill VanKirk
New Member

Amber light on drive, AiO1200r 12 terabyte NAS

What is the proper method to correct this issue? Has this drive failed and need replacement? I have powered the system down, pulled the drive for a minute or so re-seated the drive and powered back up.

When first powered up the drive seems to go through a series of startup with the green light blinking..... but then it goes amber again.

Need to get this resolved. By the way, the entire unit is only about 3 months old.... why would I have a drive failure already?

thanks for your help

Monty Phillips
Trusted Contributor

Re: Amber light on drive, AiO1200r 12 terabyte NAS

Hi Bill,

If the drive is showing a solid amber light, the drive most likely needs to be replaced. However, for your particular model of AiO 1200r server, the 1TB drives may be running into the issue as descibed in the following advisory:

Have you tried a hot-plug removal and re-seat of the drive in question? If you do this and it does stay green, then you are most ikely running into the issue as described in the advisory. If it still goes to solid amber, the drive should be replaced.

NOTE: we are in the process of updating the above advisory to include the AiO servers. So, even though they do not appear on the affected products list at the moment, this model is affected and I would follow the steps to ensure your drive FW is up-to-date.