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B3000 & additional storage

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B3000 & additional storage

I have a B3000 v2 with the w2k3 upgrade and I need to add more storage to it. Being that I have a RAID 5 array I gather that I would need to rebuild the array in order to add storage. Am I correct? Can I add 3 more drives and create another Raid 5 array to add to the server? I know these might be basic questions, but the last thing I want to do is screw up my NAS abnd have to rebuild it.
Jon Paul
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Re: B3000 & additional storage

Hi Mario,
What storage array are you connected to? The B3000(4000s) is a Fibre Channel (FC) gateway product but it does not sound like you are attached to FC storage.
Most newer storage arrays (Including the SmartArray RAID controllers) allow the user to dynamically include additional disks. The logical drive must be re-striped to use the new space. The controller typically handles this in a background task, but this does effect performance. In the OS, go to disk manager and "Scan for new devices" (or reboot) this will update the OS to see the new space available on the "physical" drive presented from the hardware. You should then be able to extend the OS logical drive using the WebUI, disk manager, or DISKPART.
You should be able to find more information by looking at the controller documentation. (i.e. SmartArray, EVA, ...)
As always, have a good backup of data before making changes to the hardware.
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Re: B3000 & additional storage

I am running FC between the MSA1000 and the DL380. Are there any manuals from HP that would walk you through the expanding of the Logical Drives and then expanding the Windows volumes? Or is it pretty straight forward?
Steven Clementi
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Re: B3000 & additional storage


The process is pretty straight forward.

You insert the drives into the MSA.
You run ACU and Expand your Array with the additional drives (could time a bit of time).
You expand your Logical Drives in ACU after you add the drives to the array.
You use Diskpart.exe to extend your Windows Partitions.

There are many messages on the forums about the process, even some recent discussions.

And my favorite link...;en-us;325590

There are some restrictions with diskpart that you need to know about. Read the article at the link for more details.

If you can port a screenshot of your Disk Administrator, we can discuss it in more detail.

The (any) Smart Array user guide has details on how to expand arrays, but again.. it is pretty straight forward looking in the ACU. Click the array you want to expand, and click "Expand array". Once complete, click the logical drive you want to expand and click "Extend Size". I would post a screen shot, but would have to put in a disk in my MSA. Perhaps later when I have access to it.

Alternatively, you can just add some more drives to the MSA, create a new array, create new logical drives and present it/them to the server.

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