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CD Surestore J4150A password reset

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CD Surestore J4150A password reset

I got this unit from my old work and now since there is not one there anymore I can't as anyone for a login and password. I can connect using IE browser but to change the setings or update ROM I need password. Is there a way to reset to the default password?
Factory reset?

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Re: CD Surestore J4150A password reset

Default username is "root" and default password is "pass" without quotes.

Factory reset is done by:
1 turning off unit

2 pressing button on the back with paperclip holding down while powering on the unit.

3 hold button until Status/Network leds blink orange with 2 sec. intervalls.

4 release button for 2 seconds and press and hold again for 10 sec or more until Status light is steady orange

5 turn off the unit and wait for atleast 30 second before powering again.

6 use the "arp-s ip mac" command to set the IP on the device.

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