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Changing Hard drives on a NAS1200S

Kevin Dent
New Member

Changing Hard drives on a NAS1200S

I'm having a failing drive on my 1TB NAS1200S and I am unable to find any infomation on how to replace it. I believe it is 'Hot Swappable' but is it just a matter of opening the case and taking out the defected HDD and plugging in the new one , or is there a bit more to it. I be grateful if anyone had any information, or a link to some instructions
Jon Paul
Trusted Contributor

Re: Changing Hard drives on a NAS1200S

Hi Kevin,
The drive is "Hot-Pluggable" not "Hot-Swappable" big difference.
"Hot-Plug" - system will not short if plugged in.
"Hot-Swap" - System will recognize new hardware.

Suggested method of recovery.
1. Power the system down
2. Replace the defective drive (drive must be same size or larger)
3. Power system up
4. open "Disk Manager"
5. Rebuild software RAID 5 set
6. Break mirrored OS partition (of degraded mirror)
7. Re-create mirrored OS partition
Note: The mirror must complete before rebooting the system or the redundancy will not take effect.