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Re: Compaq Nas B2000 quick restore problem

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Compaq Nas B2000 quick restore problem

i have a problem with the installation of OS with the quick restore cd-rom.
When i insert the first cdrom into the nas b2000 i recived this message:
There are not product nas detected.
Did i configure the disc first that the installation process ? (i have two disc in Raid1 and 3 in Raid5).

Thanks a lot.


Jon Paul
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Re: Compaq Nas B2000 quick restore problem

Hi Alessandro,

Has your NAS hardware been replaced at anytime?
The first thing the NAS quick restore CD does is query the hardware to make sure that the hardware was origianlly a NAS platform. It is apparently failing this check on your hardware.
You will most likely need to contact HP support to remedy this problem. You will need the serial number when you contact support, they should be able to verify whether this hardware was intended to be a NAS server from their support DB.

Sorry and Good luck,
JP - Jon Paul