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DL100 G2 1TB Storage Server

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DL100 G2 1TB Storage Server

I have three new storage servers (part numbers 397588-B21) and I have just received the cd to install Windows 2003 server R2. When I install the DVD it tells me the hardware is incorrect for the DVD. Its the only DVD available on the list of free DVD's for the DL100 G2 1TB server. Are there any other Windows 2003 R2 DVD's available for this model.
Jon Paul
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Re: DL100 G2 1TB Storage Server

Hi Barrie,
R2 would be an upgrade for your system, not a complete re-install. There was a period where upgrades were free but I am not sure of the particulars. It would be worth a call to HP to see if you can get the free upgrade. (Be persistent ;))
Sorry for the confusion.