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DL100 NAS Storage Server Array

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DL100 NAS Storage Server Array

I have a DL100 Storage Array Server and it lost its array config. I cant get the software to install it keeps telling me that the Array is configurd wrong. Can any one tell me how the array needs to be configured?

Carlton Bickford
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Re: DL100 NAS Storage Server Array

I assume you mean you would like to use the recovery DVD to restore the system to its original factory condition? The recovery DVDs are designed to either;

- recreate the logical drive configuration if no logical drives are found. OR

- identify by size, RAID level, etc., what was the system logical drive, so the image can be redeployed onto it.


If a logical drive arrangement is detected that is not recognized, that error is shown, because it can't be sure what has been done to the system, so it is not deemed safe to just start overwriting data that may be there.  It sounds like that is the state you are in. 


If you don't have any data on this machine that you need to keep, you can just remove all logical drives. If I remember correctly, the DL100 had an Adaptec RAID controller and you should be able to hit CTRL+A during POST to enter the ROM based Adaptec utility that will allow you to delete all logical drives. Continue on to boot from the DVD which will recreate the original logical drive configuration and deploy the image. You should then be back in business.


If you have data on the machine, this will be a little bit trickier. Let me know if that is the case. Maybe we can work out something else.