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DL100 or DL380G4 and W2K3SS

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DL100 or DL380G4 and W2K3SS

I guess this question has 2 parts to it..

1)Is W2K3SS able to run MSSQL or Exchange?

2)Is it possible to remove W2K3SS and run W2K3 standard edition on the DL100 or DL380G4?

Steven Clementi
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Re: DL100 or DL380G4 and W2K3SS


1. I believe you can host your disks from a Win2k3SS box, but not actually run the apps from it. I have never tried doing so and I probably wouldn't since the Storage Server is tweaked for File Sharing (Ususally).

2. In most cases, you can not re-install a regular Win2k3 on a NAS, but if it is a standard dl380G4, then you should have no problem. If it is the nas model, then the firmware has been coded to only allow SS to be re-installed. (This was the case with the old NAS's running "Windows 2000 Powered OS" and I think it is still the case).

Steven Clementi
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Re: DL100 or DL380G4 and W2K3SS


1) As Steven said, you can not run MSSQL or Exchange on the WSS2003 OS, but you can use it for its storage. Please see for more information on what is supported and what is not supported on the HP Storage Servers.

2) On the DL380G4 and DL100, you can remove WSS2003 and run the W2K3 standard edition on the DL100 and DL380G4, but you will need to support it on your own then. In other words, the serial number of the NAS server is linked to the WSS OS, so if you cll support, you will be in an unsupported configuration for that product. The BIOS is not keyed like it was for the older products.

- Monty