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DL100 storage server - need to rebuild

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Jon White
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DL100 storage server - need to rebuild

I have a DL100 that is currently attached to a M370 via an iSCSI connection. The ML370 is going to be retired soon. I need to move the DL100 to another server.
However, when I move the DL100, I would like to reset it back to factory "out of the box". Is there any way to do this?
Maxtor had a CD or DVD that would wipe a MaxAttach out and reload the OS and set it back to when I first got the unit. I am looking for something to do the same thing to the DL100.
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Re: DL100 storage server - need to rebuild

Jon, you have 3 choices for the QuickRestore DVD media depending on which exactly model/part number of DL100 you have - see top part of the list:

Note that it is (most likely) a data-destructive scenario.
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