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DL185 G5 p800 controller

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DL185 G5 p800 controller

Hi Guy's,


I have a DL185 G5 storage server with has a p800 raid controller. I have a SAS p2000 MSA array which I am trying to conntect to the controller via the external sas mini cable.


When I boot the stoarge server the p800 disables some of the logical drives due to firmware restiction. Is this a license feature, I was unaware of any restictions when connecting interfaces to a p800.


Would upgrading the firmware fix this. Has anyone seen this before or know how to allow me to attach a p2000 array to my storage server.



Many thanks


Brett Merrick
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Re: DL185 G5 p800 controller

I was hoping to connect a p800 to a p2000 too, did you manage to resolve this?